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What is Vital Slim

A Leading Brand Of Quality Nutraceuticals

At Vital Slim we understand the woes of modern day lifestyle that include excess stress, faulty eating habits, and a lack of exercise. Our range of dietary supplements have been carefully curated with superfood extracts and revitalizing botanicals, to help fill in nutritional gaps and support overall health and wellness.

Vital Slim dietary supplement range includes formulas which may support weight management, optimal metabolism, energy replenishment, and internal cleansing.

All Natural & Organic Health & Wellness

At Vital Slim we use only the purest of herbal extracts and active ingredients to ensure the highest safety and efficacy. Our supplements are free from any artificial binders, fillers or synthetics.

Experience A Complete Body


Safe + Effective + Organic

Revitalize Your Body

Vital Slim products may offer holistic health benefits including

  • Energy replenishment for improved vitality and productivity

  • Internal cleansing for improved digestion and regularity

  • Weight management to help achieve optimal BMI

  • Metabolism support to stimulate healthy body functions


A complete health & wellness dietary supplement system

Keto Genesis

Includes our patented BHB Ketone formula that may enhance metabolism and increase fat burn.

Keto Cleanse

Includes herbal fiber extracts, which may help flush out toxins and undigested, supporting digestive health and regularity.

Keto Omegamax

Includes Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which may improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation.